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With this site, can buy the best books on startups, entrepreneurship, and product makers.

We are a big fan of IH interviews.
The content is so great and should be summarized to let anyone memorize & save the best parts.

A part that I've found interesting (and easy to summarize) is the "advice section", where Makers recommend different strategies/tools/books to launch or grow a business.

I thought It could be interesting to create a list of books from all these advices, to let anyone consult them at anytime.

--> That's why this project has been created: to help entrepreneurs who want to find the best resources to learn, and eventually create their own.

In fact, we recommend you read an interview about Ross Blankenship, where you will see a plethora of advice for entrepreneurs.
Few statistics about the IH interviews:
347 interviews have been made.
From these interviews, 117 makers have recommended 169 books, that you will find on IHBOOKS, ranked by number of recommendations.
Talking about stats, I've been hunted on Product Hunt, here are some data about the traffic of the past 30 days (check this page on desktop, it's way easier to read it).
Our plan for the future:
- update the list when new interviewed will be published
- write resume for each book
- continue to add more of the best books about startups.
- releasing our newest startup rankings of America's best startups.